Our Background

We at revalyu are bringing revolution to recycle plastic waste with our unique chemical recycling technology.

revalyu Recycling (India) Limited (formerly known as Polygenta Technologies Ltd) (‘Revalyu India’) is a professionally managed company and is a part of revalyu Resources GmbH (http://revalyu.com) based out of Germany.

revalyu India, was founded with the vision of using an innovative solution to reduce plastic waste in the environment, resulting in the introduction of  one-of-a-kind chemical PET recycling process set up in the outskirts of Nashik, Maharashtra in India. revalyu India currently processes more than 3 million plastic bottles a day that would have otherwise ended up in the landfills to produce 15000 tonnes per annum of 100% recycled chips and yarn. With support from its parent company (revalyu Resources GmbH), Revalyu India has been successful in developing a unique process to recycle post-consumer PET waste for making cost effective high-quality virgin equivalent recycled products.

Since 2012, Revalyu India has started full-fledged production of 100% chemically recycled polyester yarn. 

We take immense pride in stating that we have received global recognition from high-end sports and fashion brands and we are recognized as a world leader in the recycled chips and filament yarn industry. 

Our sustainable yarn offers unparalleled comfort, performance, and tenacity. Our yarns have been used in various applications including circular knitting, warp knitting, seamless knitting, weaving, etc

Our Manufacturing Process

The PET recycling process uses a unique way to break down (depolymerize) used plastic PET bottles into sustainable esters (monomers). These monomers can be used to directly replace conventional oil derived monomers and used as the base building chemical to manufacture all PET based products such as textiles, Packaging, films etc.

Our glycolysis process is designed to operate at relatively  lower temperature than the conventional glycolysis process.  Further the process takes place at atmospheric pressure and without any catalyst. This helps us to carry the depolymerisation process without any significant degradation and provides us purest form of monomer.