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About us

The Challenge: A Recycled & Cleaner World

Each year 6 billions of PET containers are discarded after being used for storing, packaging, and transporting drinks, food, and detergents. Less than half of such PET containers are recovered or recycled (mostly into low-end applications), with the rest being dumped in a landfill or incinerated causing tremendous environmental damage all over the world.

Currently, we also produce 10,000 kgs of textile grade chips everyday

How are we addressing the challenge?

Our approach: An avant-garde PET recycling process

revalyu uses a unique chemical PET recycling (Glycolysis) process to break down (depolymerize) used plastic PET bottles (i.e. multi-ester molecules) into sustainable esters (monomers). These monomers can be used to directly replace conventional oil derived monomers and can be used as the base building chemical to manufacture all PET based products such as high-quality 100% recycled filament yarn, chips, films, etc.

More than 30 leading textile & fashion brands recognise the superiority of our process and products. As a result we supply to more than 60 customers spread  in more than 25 countries

Our Products

Recycled PET products manufactured by Revalyu

By recycling PET bottles, we produce 100% recycled chips and filament yarn. Recycled products produced by us are of conventional  equivalent product enabling a superior unmatched performance for various  high end applications.

Our r-PET Chips can be further used in different applications like  textile grade staple fibres and filament yarns. high tenacity textiles, carpets (BCF), packaging products etc.


Brands supporting our recycled products


Tonnes of CO2 saved
Barrels of oil not used
1 %
Less water used
1 %
Less energy used

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PET bottles recycled since 2015


PET bottles recycled

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