Committed to a more sustainable,
connected society…

Reduced petrochemical dependence


Recycling 1 ton of PET waste saves 3.8 barrels of oil.

Reduced Water consumption


Our process results in Zero discharge of liquid effluents.

Reduced Carbon Footprints


Comparable CO2 emissions are notably lower in comparison to peer companies.

Energy Conservation


Our process consumes less energy than conventional polyester manufacturing

Reduced landfill


Recycling 1 ton of post-consumer PET bottles saves 5.6 cubic meters of landfill.

Collectively, we all face countless decisions each year in choosing how to treat over 600 billion PET bottles after use. Today, less than half of these bottles are collected and re-processed, with the rest ending up in landfills or inefficient incinerators. Our patented environment friendly chemical re-processing of these bottles is inherently superior to conventional mechanical reprocessing for these post-consumer PET bottles.

Thus we are offering our supply chain partners – and ultimately all of us as consumers – a better choice for improving the environment and promoting a more sustainable planet.

And we do not want to stop there. Other polyester products also require better end-of-life solutions (e.g, coloured beverage bottles, thermoforms, and even textiles). So we are working to see how our unique chemical process can be adapted to find better solutions for making these products more sustainable as well.

our achievements

Tonnes of CO2 saved
Barrels of oil not used
1 %
Less water used
1 %
Less energy used